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Innovation means to provide our latest products and services constantly, which indicates a company´s progress and is the perpetual original energy of Yamada´s prospect.
Innovation of products and services is the premise as well as the basis of that of technology, management and concept. Only concept innovation can result in management innovation, which results in technology innovation. So innovation is the source of Yamada´s constant development.
The value here is defined to be cost performance (Price versus performance ratio). It means consumers pay relatively low price for the products and services they need, or they can get better products and services with the same price. In order to win and keep consumer´s preference & faithfulness, Yamada always provides high value products and services to deeply please their demands.
The essence of value consists in the Yamada´s promise of the quality and of each step in business. Yamada makes sure to provide high performance, secure and trouble-free products and services without any compromise.
It means the speed of presenting the products and services to meet the consumer´s requirements. With the progress of science and technology, time is getting shorter and shorter for researching and developing new products, meanwhile, the product life cycle is also getting shorter and shorter. Customers not only require good performance with good price, but also hope to be able to be satisfied with time. Therefore, Yamada must develop their new products quickly and fast, meanwhile, she must ensure product quality.

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