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Skype 3G comes to iPhone
2011-8-7 Click:

BEIJING, May 31 (www.qiewo.com) -- iPhone users can make calls over AT&T's 3G network since Skype has announced that it can provide free VOIP calling via 3G wireless, according to media reports.

The new software, dubbed Skype 2.0, offers improved voice quality, a better call quality indicator, faster start-up time and access to the dial-pad from the iPhone home screen, according to the Luxembourg-based company.It already features a range of free services, such as voice and video calls and instant messages to other Skype users.

The internet calling service said the 3G calls will be free ntil at least the end of August 2010, after which there will be a small monthly fee.

In March, Skype announced deals with Verizon and Nokia to bring its Internet calling service to their phones.

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